Digitsole Remote Control Heated Insoles


Do your feet tend to get cold while playing ouside in winter? Normal foot warming solutions such as boot heaters and disposable toe warmers are bulky and don’t always work as directed. New company Digitsole hopes to fix the cold toes problem with battery-powered heated insoles that you control remotely with your phone.

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The Wolffepack Swinging Backpack


How many times have you been out on the trail and couldn’t be bothered to take a photo or grab a drink of water because you didn’t want to stop and remove your pack? Now you don’t need to. The Wolffepack enables you to get inside your pack without ever taking it off.

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Cape to Cape: Cycling 1000 km Across Japan

Cycling Japan

I could see it in his face. That look of “I can’t believe what is happening right now” but too respectful, or shocked, to actually say something. Standing there, at the entrance to dinner, I slowly glanced down. The toilet slippers, meant only to be worn in the bathroom itself, were still firmly planted on my feet. I had just violated God knows how many of Japan’s rules of cleanliness.

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Skida Fun and Colorful Headwear

Skida Headwear

My latest obsession is Skida–a Vermont based company that makes colorful and fun hats, neck warmers, and accessories to keep you warm during your fall and winter outdoor activities. Don’t worry guys–there are plenty of choices here for you, too.

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Build Your Own Bamboo Bike


There is no better sense of accomplishment than when you build something from scratch using your own hands. Whether it be a pumpkin pie or a tiny house, the experience is the same. Singapore company Bamboobee has launched a Build It Yourself (BIY) Bike Kit that lets you build our own bamboo bike from parts in just a few days.

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