Rocktober Climbing Essentials

Climbing Essentials

If you didn’t get that big climbing trip in this Sendtember, not to worry as you still have all of Rocktober, probably my favorite month for climbing trips. Places like Red Rock Canyon, Nevada and even Smith Rock, Oregon still offer up warm and sunny days, but won’t leave you baking on the wall. Here is some of my essential gear for rock climbing trips this month.

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Wedding Rings For The Outdoor Set

Qalo wedding band

Forget diamonds, nothing says “Will you marry me?” quite like silicone. Recognizing that most of us remove our wedding rings and bands when we recreate outdoors, Qalo created the next best thing–a silicone band that won’t cause injury or get harmed, but still let you show your marriage commitment to the world.

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Luminoodle — More Fun Than Headlamps


Lanterns and headlamps make great outdoor lighting solutions but sometimes you want something that is not only a bit more unique, but also won’t blind your friends as you set up and hang out in camp. Outdoor LED light strips are not exactly new but still a fun option–Big Agnes came out with the mtnGLO Tent Light Accessory Kit last year, ENO with their Twilights before that, and now Power Practical follows them up with their new Luminoodle.

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