Body Temperature As Performance Indicator


While measuring you heart rate when exercising gives you a certain level of insight into your performance, it doesn’t give you the complete picture. That’s because particularly in extreme heat, body temperature has a direct influence on both your vital signs and level of performance. To get around the possibility of misleading vital statistics, Munich-based startup Cosinuss created an in-ear wearable that not only measures your heart rate and its variability, but also your body temperature, sending all the data via Bluetooth to your phone or other devices in order to optimize your training and competitive performance.

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10 Trail Running Essentials

Trail Run gear

I am headed to the Alps in a few weeks for some trail running, so am trying to put in the base miles now. It is also a good way to get me off the bike once in awhile to do a bit of cross training. The nice thing about running is that not a ton of gear is involved, but here are my essentials. Trail dog not included.

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Every Mountain Biker Should Have One Of These

Timber Mountain Bike Bell

It feels like almost every day, I read that more wilderness areas have banned mountain bike access. Recently, there was Ants Basin and Castle Divide near Sun Valley and closer to home, Byrne Preserve in Los Altos, CA. With the latter, equestrians complained that mountain bikers rode too fast around blind corners and scared the horses. Justifying their decision armed with erroneous Strava data from a couple of riders, the city council flat-out banned further mountain bike access despite heavy protest from the cycling community. As mountain biking continues to explode in popularity, we face the continued threat of having trails closed to biking. Part of the solution lies in improving the way we are perceived by other trail users.

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Add Some Flair With A Bike Planter

Bike Planter

Anyone who has ever owned a Volkswagen Beetle knows how cool it is to put flowers in the dashboard vase. Now you can have the same flair on your commuter bike. Georgia based Wearable Planter created a tiny planter that connects to pretty much any bike.

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