How To Eat Great Pizza While Camping

outdoor pizza

Everyone loves pizza. So what if I said you could have professional grade wood-fired pizza while camping? I’m not talking about making pizza in a skillet over a fire, either. I’m talking about wood- or even gas-fired pizza cooked at high temperatures and on a ceramic stone. Yes, it’s possible and below you will find three different ways to up your outdoor pizza game this summer.

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Preview: Camping Gear From Therm-a-Rest

Therm-a-rest Trail King SV

Next spring, Therm-a-Rest looks to up your backcountry camping game with a new camping pad in their Speed Valve line and a comfortable, three-season sleeping bag to go with it. Weighing just over 3 pounds together, the new sleep system means you don’t have to sacrifice on warmth or comfort during your next backpacking trip.

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UCO Elevates Their Lantern Game

UCO Madrona Hang-Out Lantern

For Spring ’17, UCO gets ready to introduce a whole new collection of outdoor lighting accessories. Dubbed Elevated Light, these versatile lanterns are easy to pack, simple to place, and cast a wide, adjustable dome of light right where you want it.

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Drink From The Source With The MSR TrailShot

MSR Trail Shot

To meet the growing demand for water filters that let you drink instantly from the source, MSR created the ultralight TrailShot that delivers clean water on the go. The water filter fits in your pocket, and removes the harmful bacteria and protozoa as you drink, meaning you now have access to an all day water supply that’s weighs next to nothing.

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Preview: New Alpine Climbing Gear from Ortovox

Ortovox Trad 18

For Spring ’17, Ortovox adds to their fast and light alpine collection with some innovative new gear. Just because you travel light, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on safety–so while cutting out unnecessary weight, Ortovox added unique safety features that will have your back in case of emergency on your next alpine adventure.

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