Vintage Electric Bikes


One of my favorite bike brands at Interbike was Vintage Electric — think American Chopper meets e-bikes. Based in Northern California, designer Andrew Davidge and his team custom make all their bikes, including the electric motor, working out of a huge warehouse space in Santa Cruz.

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Patagonia Nanogrip Bikini Review

Patagonia Nanogrip Bikini

Everyone has had that embarrassing moment. You can call it a wardrobe malfunction, a skin show, or as our grandmothers politely said, “exhibitionism.” You’re riding a wave, catch an edge and splat, do a header into the surf. You tuck and roll and bob up for air. No harm, no foul. But then you hear the laughter…. snickers really. Your ride wasn’t that bad. What’s the problem? Your swimsuit has shifted, exposing more than your talent on the board.

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Compressed Air On The Go


Using a hand pump to fix a flat can be cumbersome at best. A couple of CO2 cartridges make quick work of the job but you have to remember to bring them with you in the first place. And if you are traveling with your bike, finding cartridges at your destination isn’t always possible. As an alternative, the Bimp’Air refillable compressed air system stays on your bike and continually tops up as you ride, meaning you always have compressed air on hand to inflate a tube or top up your shocks.

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A Sleeping Pad for Your Tree Tent

Tentsile SkyPad

No question, the Tentsile tree tents are pretty darn awesome. But much like a hammock, you can get pretty cold at night if you don’t have a sleeping pad beneath you. So, as a logical product extension, Tentsile teamed up with Klymit to create a sleeping pad that is purpose built for use with the company’s line of tree tents and even hammocks.

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GoPro Karma – More Than a Drone

GoPro Karma

During a Facebook Live session yesterday morning, GoPro unveiled their latest new product showcase to much fanfare. While the new editing software/cloud storage and version 5 action cameras are pretty cool in themselves, it was the Karma drone that stole the show.

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