Petal Power: Before, During, and After Your Ride

Petal Power Chamois Cream

Sure, there are plenty of chamois creams out there and even some women’s specific formulas. But none seem to address the importance of starting and ending your ride with clean skin to help stave off saddle sores and other infections. California company Petal Power created an entire before, during, and after system that will keep us ladies riding pain-free.

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How To Open Beer With Your Bike: WiseCracker

Bike Bottle Opener

Ever finished a bike ride, excited to drink that cold beer, only to lack a bottle opener? Sure there are bike racks, belts, dog collars, flip flops, and other gear that comes with an integrated bottle opener, but what if you forget those as well? Here’s a better idea—stick the bottle opener on the bike itself.

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A Surfboard Made From Cardboard

cardboard surfboard

Ernest Packaging Solutions works with clients to develop unique packaging solutions for their products that protect them from the elements and other external factors when shipping. Whether it is a new package design for Eddie Fiola’s BMX bike or shipping freshly baked cakes right to your doorstep, Ernest will come up with a unique solution. As part of a new video series called Cardboard Chaos, the company has teamed up with some outdoor sports companies to show you just how far cardboard can go.

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Patagonia Helps Hawaiians Install Home Solar

Hawaiian Solar Projects

Announced last week, Patagonia has formed a partnership with Honolulu-based Kinaole Capital Partners and Bank of Hawaii to create a $27 million fund aimed at helping homeowners purchase more than 1,000 rooftop solar energy systems in Hawaii. Working with local solar installation companies and taking advantage of state and federal tax credits, the new fund will accelerate renewable energy infrastructure in the state.

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