Cycling Fusion Asks: Why Suffer?

SufferLess Videos

While most riders will spend quality time in the pain cave this winter, indoor cycling training company Cycling Fusion asks what’s the point of all that suffering? Instead of pain, sweat, and tears, SufferLess Videos offer you an escape. Next time it’s -40 degrees F outside, why not head into the garage and take a ride around Kauai, Hawaii.

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Julbo Aerospace Fog-Free Snow Goggles

Julbo Aerospace

Almost all ski and snowboard gear has adapted to the growth in backcountry or freeride skiing, so why not snow goggles? Much like sunglasses tend to fog when you ride your bike slowly uphill, snow goggles start to fog the minute you stop moving fast. We all know that pulling sunglasses a bit away from your face usually solves the problem, so why can’t you do this with goggles? Well now you can.

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Wide Path Camper

Bike Camper

Bike touring is fun, but sometimes carrying all that stuff on your bike and spending night after night in a tent can become a chore. What if you could sleep in a cozy camper instead? Founded by Danish designer and bike enthusiast Mads Johansen, the Wide Path Camper is a tiny camper built into a travel trailer you tow behind your bike. When you are done riding for the day, simply pull over in some scenic spot and your camp is set up for the night.

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Silca Low Pressure Floor Pump

Silca low pressure floor pump

Tires inflated to the proper psi can play a huge difference in your ride experience. Standard floor pumps are generally geared more towards road bikes or for use as all-arounders, with gauges that read from 0-160 psi. This makes it difficult to accurately pinpoint the lower pressure levels required for mountain, cyclocross, gravel, and even fat tire bikes. Silca addresses the problem with a dedicated floor pump for low pressure tires.

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Kitsbow Brings Back Mountain Biking Nostalgia

Kitsbow Drifter

The founding fathers of mountain biking all wore jeans (sometimes complete with knee pads) and wool shirts. While most modern mountain bikers now dress head to toe in lycra, California based mountain bike apparel brand Kitsbow wants to bring back a bit of that nostalgia with the Drifter Jean and Icon Shirt–classic pieces perhaps more appropriate now for the urban cyclist.

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