Innovation Award Winners Winter 2015

Innovation Award

Although tons of cool new gear was on show at Outdoor Retailer last week (we will continue our coverage here over the coming days), a few items stood out as truly innovative. Here are our picks for Innovation Award Winner Winter 2015.

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Better Drinking In The Outdoors

Stanley Growler

Just because you are heading outdoors doesn’t mean you want to leave your libations at home. Instead of drinking out of a camp mug or worse yet, a plastic cup, these purpose built vessels are made to keep your drinks cold or hot and look good in the process.

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Has Voormi Reinvented Weatherproofing?

Voormi Core Construction

Former tech-executive Dan English recently founded Colorado based Voormi with the idea that the outdoor apparel industry was ripe for innovation. By taking a new approach to everything from local sourcing and manufacturing to direct-to-consumer retailing, the small start-up company hopes to make a big impact.

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Ski Boots Become Breathable Thanks To Gore-Tex

Dynafit Ski Boots

Ski mountaineering, ski touring, or backcountry skiing are more of a highly active pursuit than say resort skiing–you need to use your own power to get uphill. This means sweat and sweaty feet equal cold feet. To combat clammy, cold feet at the end of the day, Gore-Tex teamed up with top ski mountaineering boot manufacturers to create more breathable liners for those that earn their turns.

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