An Affordable Interchangeable Power Meter

Limits Power Meter

The bike industry can no longer deny that power meters are riding a quick downward pricing trend, with many new entrants offering more affordable devices. The latest to appear with a new design is Limits, a power meter that not only comes in with a sub-$300 price tag, but is also easy to self-install and even move between your bikes.

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How To Treat Road Rash

Road rash care

I am not sure I buy into the school of thought that you are not a real cyclist until you crash, but I guess I am a real cyclist now. On Easter, I crashed coming down Mt. Tamalpais–I slid out and went down hard descending around a bend. Hard enough to warrant a trip to the ER to see if anything was broken (thankfully no) and if I needed stitches (yes and no–more on that later).

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Raleigh 2016 CX Lineup

Raleigh RXW Elite

At Sea Otter last week, Raleigh showed off their new line of 2016 cyclocross bikes. Comparing their history of continual design improvements¬†to that of the evolution of the beer coozie, Raleigh’s new mud loving machines drop some weight while upping the component specs for the Pros and Cat 3 racers alike.

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Dropper Bibs Make Life Easier For Female Cyclists

Velocio Superfly

Everyone says once you go bibs you will never go back. But for us women, it’s not that easy. When nature calls, we need to fully strip off all our top layers just to get the bibs down–a huge pain in the the backside, especially on long rides or when needing to go behind the nearest tree. Cycling apparel companies heard our plea and started creating bibs with a variety of drop seat designs. Here are some of our favorite dropper bibs this season.

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Six Collapsible Backcountry Booze Haulers

foldable flask

Backpacking season is here and just because you hike miles away from civilization, doesn’t mean you need to camp uncivilized. Ditch the boxed wine–instead, these collapsible booze haulers will carry your favorite tipple, keep it fresh for days, then collapse down to nothing when you’re done. All you have to do is decant.

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