Can You Trust The Expiry Date On Your Backpacking Meal?

Mountain House Backpacking Food

According to a study released by Mountain House, many of those dehydrated or freeze-dried backpacking meals stored in your pantry may become rancid well before their expiry date. While you could question the validity of the study as it was commissioned by Mountain House and places them on squarely top, it does raise questions.

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If You Want To Learn, Teach

Ouray Ice Festival

I had the fortune of teaching a Novice Ice clinic at the Ouray Ice Festival this year on behalf of Millet. While I was incredibly nervous beforehand, it turned out to be extremely fun. My clinic was filled with a great group of climbers (they were rock stars and so positive) and it forced me to take a step back and understand why I do certain movements when I ice climb so that I could simply communicate the basics of form to those that may just be starting out on the ice.

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Handground Precision Portable Coffee Grinder

Handground Coffee

While Japanese company Porlexcurrently wears the crown on portable coffee grinders, many companies such as GSI have tried to follow suit–all with their own limitations. We all know that freshly ground beans are the holy grail of backcountry coffee, and a consistent grind is key, something you don’t normally associate with portability. Newcomer Handground hopes to be the answer to consistently good tasting coffee whether traveling, camping, or even backpacking.

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Skiing Telluride With Mammut

Ski Telluride

Smack dab in the middle of show season—the marathon series of outdoor product conventions that include the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, the Ski Industry Association, and ISPO, the Euro equivalent of Winter OR—I had the good fortune of going to Telluride to check out the operations at Wagner Skis, a custom ski maker that specializes in crafting skis that are tailored exactly to you, and to play with some of the latest and greatest hard and soft goods from Swiss-based Mammut.

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Pizza In A Pouch-The Squeezable Real Food Trend

Clif Organic Energy Food

Real food in a squeezable pouch-it’s everywhere. First adopted by paleo enthusiasts and toddlers alike as a snack to reduce the chance of “hangry” episodes, traditional energy bar companies are beginning to embrace the real food during exercise trend (thanks Skratch Labs!). Clif, Munk Pack, and Power Bar–to name just a few–created a variety of squeezable pouches, from sweet to savory, where you no longer have to chew your food.

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