Buy Your Get Rescued Free Card

Utah Search and Rescue

Starting next week, Utah will officially join Colorado and New Hampshire in offering outdoor enthusiasts the chance to purchase a Search and Rescue Card. The new program will help fund local search and rescue groups throughout the state, while protecting those who play in the Utah outdoors from exorbitant bills if they should call for assistance.

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Trace Your Next Surf Session

Trace surf tracker

While tracking your workout stats when running or cycling is pretty much the norm these days, surfers have had a harder time. Rip Curl made inroads with the SearchGPS watch last year, but you can only track basic details such as your rideĀ length and speed. By comparison, the new Trace surf tracking device records everything from the basics like wave count and length to crazy stuff such as cutback angle and pitch. And integrates with your GoPro footage to boot.

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Fly Pedals V2: Universal Clipless Pedal Adapters

Fly Pedal V2

Do you have a one bike quiver where you like to ride clipless on your commute or for training but not so much when heading to the store or pub to meet friends? Regularly changing pedals is not exactly convenient and wearing clipless shoes all the time is a pain. Enter Fly Pedals–universal flat pedals that quickly convert your clipless pedals into platforms.

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