ShockStop – The Shock Absorbing Bike Stem


If your arms get tired and hands go numb after spending hours on the bike, you might want to have a look at the new ShockStop from Redshift Sports (makers of the Switch Aero System). This shock absorbing stem isolates your upper body from the imperfections of the road, letting you ride further and more comfortably without compromising steering responsiveness or current bike fit.

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Gore On Hunt For Better DWR Solutions

Gore-Tex Jacket

Last week, Gore announced they were allocating $15 million over the next five years towards research into eco-friendly alternatives to current DWR treatments. The goal is to deliver new solutions with an improved environmental profile while still providing the level of durability and performance expected from today’s DWR technologies.

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Bopworx Protects Your Bike During Transport


Whenever you transport your bike, whether it be by car or air travel, you always run the risk of something getting scratched or damaged. Bikes can knock into each other while hitched to the back of your car and parts can come loose no matter how carefully you packed that bike box. Tired of continually scratching their frames and busting off rear derailleurs, husband and wife team Paul and Ciara McGriskin came up with a solution.

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Ruffwear Adds Leather Collar and Leash

Ruffwear Frisco

While easy to clean plastic collars and leashes are nice, once in a while your dog wants a bit of a classier look. For Spring ’16, Ruffwear announces the addition of leather collars and leashes to its line in order to satisfy even the most particular canine fashionista. The Frisco Collar and Frisco Leash integrate new Ruffwear-designed hardware and fresh colors, and believe it or not, will stand up to the occasional ocean swim, while looking better and better with age.

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