Gear Deals Extend Through The Weekend

Gear Search Tool

While some brick-and-mortar stores will remain closed today to incentivize us to play outside, online retailers are open for business (including REI), even extending Black Friday sales straight through the weekend (if they haven’t started already). If you know the gear you are looking for, check out our Gear Search Tool to figure out where you can buy it at the best price–we have access to the inventory of almost 100 retailers and it costs you nothing. Otherwise, we had a chance to preview some of the great deals available this weekend–here are a few of our favorites.

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Free State Park Access This Friday


Following REI’s recent #OptOutside announcement, numerous states decided to join the cause and waive parking, entrance-, and even camping fees at all state parks this Friday. As with REI’s campaign, the state parks’ move is meant to encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature rather than join the hordes of people crowding stores looking for discounts on holiday gifts.

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Airnum Urban Breathing Mask


I admit, there are days in San Francisco where I seriously consider wearing a face mask when heading out for a ride. With a majority of the days falling in the moderate to unhealthy Air Quality Index category, it can feel like you are doing more harm than good by grabbing your bike. To help us all breathe better in urban environments, Swedish company Airnum created a reliable and most importantly, a fashionable way to breathe clean air everyday.

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Everysight Cycling Smart Glasses

Everysight Raptor

Israel-based defense technology firm Elbit System has over 30 years experience in vision systems, augmented reality, and integrating real-time data into pilots’ helmets. With their recent spin-off of new company Everysight, the firm now plans to bring their heads-up display technology to the consumer market with a pair of cycling smart glasses to be launched next year.

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7Mesh Synergy Jersey Review

7Mesh Synergy Jersey

Fall weather has finally hit the Bay Area and although this means we are far from suffering, it can make dressing for that daily ride a bit more difficult. Morning temps usually start out in the 30s before climbing to the high 60s during the day, with a consistent cool breeze. It’s too warm on long sunny uphills for a vest or jacket, but you’ll freeze coming down the other side without one. For those of us that get annoyed with continually having to shed or don layers, 7-Mesh came up with a solution–the Synergy Jersey.

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