Pro-Bono in Support of the Environment

Basket Art House

There is no denying that the fate of the environment and access to the outdoors is absolutely key to the future success of the outdoor industry. Following the major political shift that stands to put the environment and our public lands in even more peril, players in the industry are banding together to take a stand — whether it be flexing their economic muscle against states like Utah or deciding to offer their services pro-bono to environmental non-profits that are on the frontline of this fight.

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Now is the Time to Plan Your Summer in the Sierra

Half Dome Cables

With Sierra snowpack levels exceeding 150% and more snow in the immediate forecast, it’s hard to begin thinking about summer adventures when there is still so much winter to be enjoyed. But if you want access to the more popular sites and trailheads up and down the mountains of California this summer, you need to act now.

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Forget Vanlife — Get a Hunting Shack Instead

Hunting Shack

A new division of the Tiny House Building Company in Virginia, The Alpine hunting shack is designed to be your home away from home in the outdoors. This 16-foot tiny house hooks onto the trailer hitch of your car, and is not much longer or wider than your average camper trailer. Given that it can cost less than a brand new sprinter cargo van build out, this might be the next level up for all us vanlife dreamers.

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As Seen at ISPO: New Climbing Hardware

North Couloir

At ISPO earlier this month, I had the opportunity to walk around and check out some new climbing hardware that I didn’t get the opportunity to see at Outdoor Retailer. From new ice tools and crampons, to ingenious sport climbing quickdraws, there just might be something to add to your kit next season.

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Ice Climbing in Cogne, Italy


Leaving the car under the pitch black cover of a pre-dawn, 6:00 am start, we donned our headlamps and headphones for the 2 hour hike into Repentence Super. Roughly 1:30 hours into the approach, the trail turned sharply upwards, where in times of less snow, you would most definitely require crampons. Halfway up the slope, our hearts sank as we spotted a party of two ahead of us. We had been skunked. Welcome to Cogne.

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