Sea to Summit Sleeping Pads

Sea to Summit Sleeping Pad

For Spring 2015, Sea to Summit is launching a whole new category with a line of sleeping pads. Featuring a unique construction and multiple varieties from ultralight to ultra comfort, the new sleeping pad line has something for everyone.

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Haglöfs Ultralight Backpacking Kit

Haglofs Trekking Less Is More

Similar to what Kelty did with the TraiLogic collection, Swedish company Haglöfs put together a base backpacking kit that includes all the basics you need to hit the trail. Designed more for hut-to-hut type hiking adventures (there is no tent-just a sleeping bag), the kit can easily be upgraded to suit a full backpacking trip.

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Therm-a-Rest EvoLite Mattress

Therm-A-Rest EvoLite

The new Therm-a-Rest EvoLite mattress blends the convenience of self-inflation with the added comfort of air. Using a new type of foam that the company claims is the lightest and most compressible on the market, the mattress offers NeoAir quality comfort while saving you quite a few breaths in the setup process.

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Replenish Your Electrolytes With Salazon Chocolate

Salazon Chocolate

We all know we need to replenish the salts lost from our body as we sweat throughout the day outside. Many people do this by eating salty snacks or sipping on electrolyte drinks. We also know that dark chocolate is not only a good energy source when out on the trail, but also delivers an antioxidant punch. So why not combine the both for the perfect trail food?

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World’s First Hi-Powered Action Video Light

Knog Qudos

You think your GoPro movies are already pretty awesome but what if you could continue filming well after the sun went down? Australian company Knog, well-known for their bike locks and bike accessories, has taken their high-powered bike light knowledge and applied it to the point of view camera world. Working for years to understand the best type of lighting for use with an action camera, Knog is now ready to release the world’s first ever hi-powered action video light—the Qudos.

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