Black Diamond’s New Efficient Series Backcountry Ski And Boot

Black Diamond Efficient Series Backcountry Ski

In preparation for Outdoor Retailer next week, Black Diamond has revealed their new Efficient Series of lightweight backcountry skis and boots. The new Fall 2010 line is all about bringing downhill performance to a lightweight alpine touring setup. 

The complete new line of alpine touring boots uses design technology focused on fit, flex and access. To enhance flex, Black Diamond created the lightweight Triax Pivot Frame, which has eliminated the tongue and uses three different density of materials to transmit power. The revolutionary core of the new frame however, is the Pivoting Cuff Technology thats enables a significant increase in boot flex.

When set in walk mode, the middle boot buckle locks open and the Pivoting Cuff is moved up and out of the way, allowing for a 40 degree range of motion. Once set in ski mode, the Pivoting Cuff locks against the boot shell, turning it into a responsive, high-performance boot that can transfer power on the descent. 

To ensure the backcountry boots fit comfortably while still giving high downhill performance, Black Diamond has widened the toe box to give your toes more room to move when you stride. The have however kept the heel cup and Achilles sections of a downhill boot. The lightweight liners use the Boa lacing system to ensure your fit remains the same all day long. 

Black Diamond Efficient Series Backcountry Ski

The new Efficient Series backcountry skis utilize ribs and channels of varying thickness to distribute force across the entire length of the ski and optimize the power-to-weight ratio. The skis are constructed by marrying a classic racing design of torsion box around a solid wood core together with weight saving, steep-walled fiberglass sidewalls. The combination results in a lightweight, powerful ski with solid edge control. Additional details include trail breaking early-rise tips and flat tails with secure and durable skin attachment points. 

The new Black Diamond Efficient Series will hit stores in the Fall, in time for next year's winter ski season. 

(via WildSnow)

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