Folding Stand-Up Paddle Board For Easy Transport

Origami Paddler

Although stand up paddle boards can be fun, they are big, bulky, and difficult to store or transport. Tim Niemier, the inventor of the sit on top kayak, has once again used his fresh perspective to create a folding stand up paddle board that is not only as stable and secure as a solid board on the water, but extremely portable.

The Origami Paddler folds in on itself in two places, forming a small square shape. You no longer have to deal with getting your board up and down from the car roof rack, instead you can simply throw the folding stand up paddle board in the back of your car. 

To give the board a super rigid structure, the Origami Paddler uses four binding straps. To assemble the stand up paddle board, simple unfold, then hand tighten these binding straps and fins, no tools required. You should be out on the water in less than a minute. 

When you are done playing on the water, simply reverse the process and throw the board in the back of your car. The Origami Paddler comes with a softshell carrying case to both protect your car interior as well as aid in transporting your folding stand up paddle board to and from the water. 

The design, prototype, and field testing of the Origami Paddler have all been completed and Tim is getting ready to start full production. In order to fund the purchasing of the initial molds, Tim is taking pre-orders to cover the cost.

For $1000, you can pre-order your own folding stand up paddle board. No word on when the boards will actually be delivered, as Tim is waiting to get to a certain level of pre-order commitments before pulling the trigger on production. 


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