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Mountain Biking in SLO County


I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. THIS is what mountain biking should be, I thought to myself. Flowy singletrack with interesting twists and turns, ups and downs to keep you on your toes, and the most incredible views out across the Pacific. Why can’t we have this in Marin? the Central Coast¬†has it dialed.

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Escaping South to Soak Up Some Sun


With another set of storms rolling in to the already soaked and flooded Bay Area last week, we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands and go seek out some warm sunshine. The original plan was Hawaii, which quickly morphed into Florida, and finally landed on Southern California. Spring break is not exactly the best time to try to book flights and lodging at the last minute.

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Ice Climbing in Cogne, Italy


Leaving the car under the pitch black cover of a pre-dawn, 6:00 am start, we donned our headlamps and headphones for the 2 hour hike into Repentence Super. Roughly 1:30 hours into the approach, the trail turned sharply upwards, where in times of less snow, you would most definitely require crampons. Halfway up the slope, our hearts sank as we spotted a party of two ahead of us. We had been skunked. Welcome to Cogne.

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Fat Biking With Lola at Tahoe Donner

Lola pink boots

I’ve always wanted to take Lola on a fat biking adventure. I finally got my chance last week thanks to both our incredible snow season in the Sierra and Tahoe Donner Cross Country with its fat bike AND dog-friendly trail policies. We rented bikes right from the resort, but given how much fun Lola had, I can already see n+1 come into effect sooner rather than later.

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Favorite Outdoor Adventures 2016

While 2016 will go down as a challenging year for many reasons, it was still one filled with plenty of outdoor adventure. As begets New Year’s Eve tradition, here are ten of my favorite adventures from the last year.

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