Cotopaxi Connect

Cotopaxi Connect–Design a Pack Together with the Factory

Cotopaxi Connect

Numerous companies offer some level of gear customization — Timbuk2, Nike, and even The North Face to name a few. But none has gone so far as to connect you directly with the people making your stuff in order to co-design a piece of gear together. Looking to bridge the gap between the gear you buy and the place it is made, Cotopaxi created the Connect program.

Daytripper Tote

The Ultimate Picnic Pack from Igloo

Igloo Daytripper

Whether you are hiking in the Alps, touring Napa Valley, or heading to the beach to watch the sunset, these new cooler bags from Igloo will make your adventure even better. Available in both backpack and tote form, the Daytripper collection is designed to easily transport your wine and cheese and keep them fresh until you arrive at your intended picnic spot for the day.

Burkard T.A.N.

Mountainsmith Teams Up With Chris Burkard

Burkard T.A.N.

I had the pleasure of taking a few outdoor photography clinics from Chris Burkard at the Outessa Summit in Utah last summer. Needless to say, he is a bit of a legend when it comes to adventure photography and will do almost anything to get the shot. Mountainsmith recently team up with Burkard to launch a new line of adventure camera packs. Dubbed Burkard T.A.N., these packs are “Tough as Nails.”

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