Base Layers

PC Powder Cats

Cat Skiing in Park City

Park City Powder Cats


First off, you’ll be able to file the following sentence under “problems worth having.” But making your first run of the ski season with a cat-ski operation can make for a dicey proposition. Not because of the conditions or the guides—everything was top notch. Everything, that is, save my unconditioned legs. Trail run and bike all you want during the off season, but nothing can prep you for that first run of the season, especially when you’re skiing off piste and have embarrassingly little confidence in your skills.


Yak Wool Apparel from Kora


As consumers flock to more natural fibers and brands look for a way to distinguish themselves, merino sheep are being passed over for the more exotic llama, bison, and now yak. Active wear company Kora creates apparel made from yak wool sourced directly from nomadic herders in the Himalayas.

Omsignal Ombra

OM Bra – the Biometric Tracking Sports Bra

Omsignal Ombra

Wearing a heart rate strap with a sports bra is not very comfortable and awkward at best. So it comes as no surprise that smart apparel maker OMsignal would tackle the OM Bra next. By seamlessly integrating a host of sensors into a customizable sports bra, the OM Bra not only lets you ditch the heart rate strap, but captures additional data to help you reach your fitness goals.

Patagonia Merino Air

Patagonia Merino Air Baselayers

Patagonia Merino Air

We first wrote about Patagonia’s new Merino Air baselayers when announced at Outdoor Retailer last winter. Well, the time has finally come for these covetable pieces to hit the market. To create the innovative garments, Patagonia took merino wool and blended it with recycled Capilene polyester in a unique knit construction that delivers warmth, breathability, and high performance for those high-intensity outdoor activities in cold environments.

Kari Traa base layers

Kari Traa-Scandinavia’s Best Kept Secret No More

Kari Traa base layers

One of the fastest growing women’s active brands in Europe is finally making its way over the pond. Norwegian brand Kari Traa will introduce their line of base layers and sport accessories to the US market in time for fall. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill base layers either– these are fun, colorful, well-fitting pieces that are meant to see the light of day.

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