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Air Lever Combines Tire Levers and Inflator

Barfly Air Lever

If you ride a bike, you know that changing a flat is inevitable at some point. And you also know that many of us are guilty of not having all the right tools with us on every ride. To make things easier and more efficient, Bar Fly combined the most needed tools for flat repair into one sleek, light, and reliable product. No more fumbling through you saddle bag, jersey pocket, or bag searching for your tire lever, CO2, and inflator.

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Cerevo RIDE-1 Bike Computer

Cerevo RIDE-1

CES starts next week, so the shiny new gadget news has started rolling in. At the show, Japanese networked device company Cerevo — short for Consumer Electronics Revolution — gets set to release their first bike computer. The RIDE-1 acts as a sort of go-between for your sensors and your phone, while adding some unique data to your ride.

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Bikepacking the Badlands of North Dakota


I have always wanted to bikepack through the badlands of North Dakota, with its snaking rivers and rolling prairie punctuated by multi-colored buttes and canyons. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Midwest and the lure of those wide open spaces keeps calling me back. I assumed I would ride the Maah Daah Hey Trail on a mountain bike one day, but when I read about the Badlands Gravel Battle and saw photos of those deep red scoria roads rolling through the exact same countryside, I knew I found my adventure.

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Diamondback Haanjo Trail Carbon Review

Haanjo Trail

A couple of months ago, Diamondback hooked me up with their new 2017 Haanjo Trail Carbon adventure bike to test out. After riding all of my favorite home trails around Marin, I decided it was time to take the Haanjo on a proper adventure — it is an adventure bike after all. Driving 2000+ miles across the country, we (Baloo the bike and I) set out to explore some of the most iconic gravel riding in the Midwest.

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