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A Douchebag For Your Bike

Douchebags Tour

Norwegian company Douchebags (or DB Equipment) made quite a name for themselves with their beautifully designed ski bags — helped in part by the share-worthy name. Recently, the company partnered with Team Sky to take on the bike travel bag category next. The result — a mountain bike bag called The Trail and a road bike bag called The Tour that make traveling with your bike a much smoother process.

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Bike Helmet Conducts Audio Through Your Bones

Coros Linx

After running a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, Coros is now ready to ship its Link Smart Helmet to the masses. Featuring open-ear bone conduction audio and a high quality microphone, the helmet connects to your phone for music, calls, voice navigation and voice data, and to communicate with another Linx rider.

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Air Lever Combines Tire Levers and Inflator

Barfly Air Lever

If you ride a bike, you know that changing a flat is inevitable at some point. And you also know that many of us are guilty of not having all the right tools with us on every ride. To make things easier and more efficient, Bar Fly combined the most needed tools for flat repair into one sleek, light, and reliable product. No more fumbling through you saddle bag, jersey pocket, or bag searching for your tire lever, CO2, and inflator.

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Bike Tires That Will Never Flat

Ever Tires

Nothing puts a damper on your ride faster than a flat. But what if you could have low-maintenance tires that you never have to worry about fixing? Made from a cell foam that is injection molded into a single ring, the Nexo Tires will never flat — perfect for your commuter or cruiser bike.

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