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Battle For The Quietest Roof Rack

Yakima Whispbar roof rack

It is no secret that roof racks increase the tiresome wind noise you hear from inside the car. Both Yakima and Thule are looking to address this issue with their recently released aerodynamic roof racks that claim to not only cut down on noise, but improve your gas mileage as well. Whether you are hauling your bikes, kayaks, skis, or camping gear, these roof racks will deliver a quieter, more fuel efficient ride. 

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Baffin Amazon Trail Shoes Review

Baffin Amazon Trail Shoes

Best known for their polar proven winter boots and apparel, Canada's Baffin is making fresh strides into summer footwear. The new Trail To Rapids series features a collection of footwear styles built to take you comfortably from the water to dry land, leaving you without soggy feet.

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