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Teva Pivot Mountain Bike Shoes Review

Teva Pivot

Although a large majority of mountain bike trails in Marin are fire roads, there are some incredibly steep and more technical sections. Even after my Trek Dirt Series adventure last summer, I still have to get off the bike and walk occasionally. In my standard clipless mountain bike shoes, walking was a bit of a chore, but I have found the best of both worlds in the Teva Pivot

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Road ID App Enables Others To Track Your Workout

Road ID App

As a compliment to the physical ID bracelet, Road ID has created a new app that is a great tool for your next run, bike ride, or even hike. Particularly useful for those of you who tend to train solo most of the time, the app tracks your workout location in real time, enabling your friends and family to follow your progress online. 

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Kovit Cycles Carbon Fiber IsoTruss Bike Frames

Kovit Cycles

New bike company Kovit Cycles made their debut at Interbike this week. Based in Utah, Kovit manufactures unique and ultra-light bike frames featuring spider web-like IsoTruss grid structures in place of solid carbon fiber. The company appears to be a relaunch of the original Delta 7 brand started a few years ago by Advanced Composite Solutions on the back of licensing the IsoTruss technology from Brigham Young University.

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