Ride It Like Beckham


New Los Angeles company Retrospec Bicycles offers affordable fixies in 10 color combinations to match any style. David Beckham recently chose the black and red El Diablo version (AC Milan colors?!?) pictured above. With 12 different wheel and grip color options, you can throw away those spray paint cans for customizing your fixie.  

Polarmax TransDRY Review Take Two

Polarmax TransDRY All Year Gear

For March 2011, Polarmax has evolved their PMX TransDRY line after some complaints that the original wicking cotton fabric was too thick. The new All Year Gear line of performance underwear features a lighter TransDRY cotton material that lends itself to better wicking properties and enhanced breathability.

Fun Day Out Riding Levi’s Granfondo

Levi's Granfondo

Yesterday, Terry and I rode in the second annual Levi's Granfondo out of Santa Rosa, California. Levi's is a charity event, one that focuses on change at the local level by supporting groups such as Keep The Tour Campaign, Forget Me Not Farm and even The Lance Armstrong Foundation. 

Stylish Water Bottles For Any Adventure

Miir water bottle

With so many stylish and functional water bottles to choose from, it is a shame to even think of using a plastic bottle. To do your part to help cut down on waste, grab one of these reusable water bottles for hydration on your next adventure. 

Dientes de Navarino

Backpacking Through the Jaws of Patagonia

I was knee-deep in mud. The harder I tried to pull myself up and out, the deeper I sank. “So this is why Gonzalo insisted we bring gaiters,” I thought to myself…

Up, Down, Eat, Drink

Tuscany. A place which needs no introduction. With its wine-soaked…


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