Online Gear Closeout Department Of Goods Launches Today

Gear Closeout Department of Goods

Online gear closeout site officially opens for business today. The latest (and fifth for the year!) online store from the
team is currently selling $58 million worth of heavily discounted outdoor, surf, skate, bike and mountain equipment from pinnacle brands such as North Face, Marmot and Oakley. With a varied and deep selection, you can expect the same online shopping experience you get from including community reviews, Q&A and great customer service. 

New Action Sports Brand Deliver Clothing

Action sports brand Deliver Clothing

New action sports brand Deliver Clothing is getting ready to make a splash at ispo this winter. The Bavarian brand started off as a design school project but now the team are trying to turn Deliver Clothing into a proper action sports brand for the snow, skate and bmx scene. Deliver Clothing's mission is to encourage individuality and to help bring unique pieces into your everyday action sports life. 

Columbia Introduces New Omni-Heat Thermal Technologies

Columbia boot with Omni-Heat Thermal Technology

UPDATE: For a closer and more recent look at Columbia's new Omni-Heat collection, click here.

For the past two years, Columbia has been shifting their focus away from selling sportswear through department stores and over to driving innovation in the outdoor industry. Seven months ago, Columbia was looking to hire an Innovation Manager to help bring new technologies to market. Their new found focus has obviously worked as Mick McCormick, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, said Columbia has been "cranking up innovation. We've had more patents in seven months than in the past seven years."

Polar Finally OEMs Heart Rate Monitor Technology

Polar OEM Heart Rate Monitor Technology

Looks like Polar is finally getting tired of Garmin, Timex and other device manufacturers capturing market share in heart rate monitor technology.  Polar has taken the steps to "modularize" their technology and license it out to third party equipment manufacturers. The Company will now sell both their contact and wireless heart rate monitor technology systems as separate, modular units. 

Lib Tech Banana Magic Bio Plastic Snowboard

Lib Tech Banana Magic Bio Plastic Snowboard

Mervin Manufacturing, creators of the Lib Tech
and Gnu
line of snowboards, are passionate about making snowboard construction safer and easier on the environment. The Company has been researching and implementing natural materials and non-toxic manufacturing processes for over 25 years. Lib Tech's newest Banana Magic
snowboard model now takes Mervin's green vision even further, replacing fiberglass with 100 percent Basalt fiber and adding a new bio plastic topsheet made from castor beans that features the highest strength to weight ratio of any topsheet in the industry. 

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