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Revo Heading Sunglasses Review

Revo Heading Sunglasses

Another piece of gear I was given to test during my Dolomites trip was a pair of Revo Heading sunglasses, new for Fall 2011. Often an after thought, sunglasses are actually an essential piece of gear that can make or break the enjoyment of your outdoor adventure. 

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Because One Lens Is Never Enough

By Don Jurries

Switch Vision sunglasses with interchangeable lenses

Whether you’re cycling, kayaking, running, hiking or just enjoying the outdoors, light conditions are constantly changing depending on terrain, time of day, and weather. Carrying only one pair of sunglasses forces a compromise, as the lenses will often be either too dark or too light, and no one wants to carry multiple pairs. 

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Never Lose Your Hat With Capsurz


How many times have you been hiking where the wind took your hat off down the trail or worse, over a cliff? The Capsurz cap retainer ensures you will never lose that prize Yankees cap while enjoying any outdoor activity be it hiking, paddling, running, sailing or even driving your convertible to the beach. 

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