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Analyze The Snowpack With Your Ski Poles

Scope Ski Poles

The Mountain Hub Scope ski poles look pretty much like any other you might see someone using in the backcountry. Look a little closer, however, and you will see they have snowpack assessment tools built right in. You now have an easy way to analyze the layers of the snowpack (without having to dig a pit every time) before skiing in the backcountry. You will also help the greater ski community in the process.

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PIQ Sensor Tracks Your Ski Performance


Swiss company PIQ created a sensor that can be used to measure your performance in a variety of sports. For skiing, the company teamed up with Rossignol to create an app that will tell you what you did right each run and where you need to improve.

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Japan–The Best Powder Ski Vacation, Ever

Japan Skiing

Let’s get it out in the open. Japan is the powder snow capital of the world. With all due respect to Utah and Colorado, neither state can beat the powder I found in Niseko—a big volcano on Japan’s northern-most island, Hokkaido. Niseko powder is lighter than Dom Pérignon. It falls like a curtain of glitter—so fine and delicate that often you don’t realize it’s snowing until you see the sparkle in the glow of the streetlights. It’s not the thick gob-smacking flakes we have in the U.S. but more like the delicate dusting of a snow globe. I was there for a week—and it snowed every day—we had a half-foot to a foot of the fresh stuff to greet us every morning, and nearly two feet for our final hurrah.

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Cat Skiing in Park City

Park City Powder Cats


First off, you’ll be able to file the following sentence under “problems worth having.” But making your first run of the ski season with a cat-ski operation can make for a dicey proposition. Not because of the conditions or the guides—everything was top notch. Everything, that is, save my unconditioned legs. Trail run and bike all you want during the off season, but nothing can prep you for that first run of the season, especially when you’re skiing off piste and have embarrassingly little confidence in your skills.

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Eider Shaper Jacket With Fix A Shape Zipper

Eider Shaper Jacket

There is nothing more annoying and uncomfortable than a fully zipped jacket scratching the front of your face. Not to mention how difficult it can be to move your head with the hood up and your jacket fully zipped–that is if you can even get your jacket fully zipped depending on how many layers beneath or if you are wearing a neck gaiter. So what are you supposed to do when the weather turns foul?

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