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Winter Goggles With Integrated Direct To Eye Display

Recon Instruments Winter Goggles

Vancouver, Canada based Recon Instruments is about to bring you those Mission Impossible winter goggles you always dreamed of. Recon's patent-pending technology platform integrates a Head Mounted Display system directly into a pair of winter goggles. With state of the art sensor and GPS technology, the integrated display provides easy access to live navigation, communication and performance based information. 

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Just in time for the winter sports season, Bend, OR company launched their new website for outdoor gear deals. Focused mainly on snowboarding gear at the moment, is working closely with hand selected core brands to offer big deals on snowboards, bindings, watches, outerwear, apparel, gloves, goggles and sunglasses. 

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Top 10 iPhone Apps For The Winter Sports Season

The North Face Snow Report

I was searching through the Apple App Store last night to try and find some cool apps for the winter sports season. I thought I would put a list together for you of the best ones I found- think of them as essential pieces of your snow sports gear! I haven't used all of these apps in earnest yet so don't view this as an endorsement of any of them. I suggest you read all the comments in the iTunes app store before making your decision, at least on the paid apps.  So in no particular order here are you winter sports season apps:

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SkiErg for Ski Specific Strength and Endurance

  Concept2, the leading manufacturer of racing oars and rowing machines, recently launched the Concept2 SkiErg. Similar to the Concept2 Indoor Rower, the Concept2 SkiErg helps athletes build strength and endurance in a sport-specific motion, offering Nordic skiers a new way to train without snow. The included ergometer (or “erg”), a device that measures work, […]

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