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Risk Protect Automatic Alpine Touring Bindings

Risk Protect Alpine Touring Bindings

Italian design company Risk Protect has just come up with new alpine touring bindings that automatically adjust position according to the slope of the mountain. The centerpiece of the Skystep alpine touring bindings is an oil mounted sphere which, acting like a pendulum, automatically brings the climbing aid into one of three positions, depending on the slope of the terrain. 

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COOLCASC Winter Helmet Cover

 Coolcasc Winter Helmet Cover

Spanish company COOLCASC can help you and your kids look even cooler on the slopes this winter. COOLCASC manufactures a line of winter helmet covers, which features designs for the entire family, from pigs and rabbits to camouflage and polka dots. 

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PICTURE Organic Technical Clothing

PICTURE organic technical clothing

New French company PICTURE was founded by three friends who wanted to develop a line of organic, ethical and technical clothing that would reflect their values of riding hard and protecting the planet. The PICTURE line includes men's and women's T-shirts, shirts and hoodies, technical jackets and pants, and accessories such as snow beanies. 

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Trail Heads Hats For Winter

Trail Heads Hats for Winter

Connecticut start-up outdoor apparel and accessory company Trail Heads, was started in 2002 by Stephanie and Ed Raferty. In addition to developing high-quality, innovative products such as hats for winter, Trail Heads is striving to make a difference for people with physical or mental disabilities.

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Winter Goggles With Integrated Direct To Eye Display

Recon Instruments Winter Goggles

Vancouver, Canada based Recon Instruments is about to bring you those Mission Impossible winter goggles you always dreamed of. Recon's patent-pending technology platform integrates a Head Mounted Display system directly into a pair of winter goggles. With state of the art sensor and GPS technology, the integrated display provides easy access to live navigation, communication and performance based information. 

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