Foam Snowshoe

A Snowshoe Made Entirely from Foam

Foam Snowshoe

Remarkably light, with a rocker shape and no rotational hinge, Crescent Moon’s new all-foam sports snowshoe looks like the love child of a running shoe and a burly snow tire. While good for hiking in snow, the foam snowshoes could also be useful for hiking through deep sand.

The North Face Ultra Extreme II

The North Face Ultra Extreme II Boots Review

The North Face Ultra Extreme II

Winter in Northern California brings with it two extremes–downpours and muddy trails in San Francisco matched with buckets of snow in the Sierras. To my surprise, the Ultra Extreme II boots from The North Face have served me well in both conditions. Waterproof and insulated, these comfortable winter boots take you from hiking the Marin Headlands in the morning to snowshoeing in Tahoe in the afternoon.

snowfoot alpine snowshoe

Snowfoot Alpine Snowshoes

snowfoot alpine snowshoe

We have seen a wave of radical new snowshoe designs recently, all promising to take you farther and higher into the mountains. Built on a honeycomb platform similar to that of Fimbulvetr, the new Snowfoot snowshoe is purpose built for mountaineers and freeriders looking to get after those steep alpine ascents.


Columbia Silver Ridge Backpack Review

Columbia Silver Ridge Pack

With this funny winter weather in the West, you never know if you are going to be hiking in 70 degree sunshine one weekend or skiing the next. Over the course of the early season, I was fortunate enough to find hidden snow stashes across Utah, Colorado, and Canada, while still hitting the trail both on bike and on foot here in the Bay Area. Whether skiing groomers or hiking amongst the redwoods, the Silver Ridge pack from Columbia has always been on my back. 

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