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Polar Finally OEMs Heart Rate Monitor Technology

Polar OEM Heart Rate Monitor Technology

Looks like Polar is finally getting tired of Garmin, Timex and other device manufacturers capturing market share in heart rate monitor technology.  Polar has taken the steps to "modularize" their technology and license it out to third party equipment manufacturers. The Company will now sell both their contact and wireless heart rate monitor technology systems as separate, modular units. 

Nike And PopTech Labs Take On Closed Loop Materials


Nike has partnered with innovation think tank PopTech to help foster breakthroughs in green materials and create closed loop material systems. PopTech is a non-profit organization working at the forefront of thought-leadership and social innovation. The group is known for their ability to bring together a diverse network of thought-leaders to foster open collaboration around specific ideas of disruptive change that make a positive impact on the world. 

Atayne Recycled Performance Sports Wear

Atayne Recycled Performance Sports Wear

It all started with a red shirt. Atayne founder Jeremy Litchfield went for a run in his new, red, performance sports wear top and came back covered in toxic red dye from head to toe. Jeremy decided then and there to turn that bad experience into a company dedicated to using active lifestyles to inspire positive social and environmental change.

BAT Facilitates Athlete Sponsorships

Brand Affiliate Technologies enables local and national advertisers to find, license and activate athlete sponsorships quickly and efficiently. The BAT platform houses detailed athlete profiles including photos and videos, where advertisers can search and find potential athlete sponsorships that match their brand vision. Advertisers can even geographically pinpoint the perfect talent for their regional campaigns.

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