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Bike Commute Essentials

7 Bike Commute Essentials

Bike Commute Essentials

Thankfully, I don’t have to commute every day to and from work, but I do ride my bike around town to run errands, attend events, or go out at night. The following seven essentials I either currently use, or sit on my immediate wish list to round out my base bike commute kit.

Arc’teryx A2B Commuter Line


For Spring 2014, Arc'teryx is taking all their technical knowledge gained from years of making high quality alpine apparel and applying it to a new line of commuter gear. The new A2B collection is filled with apparel that is completely functional yet has urban style, built for those people who want to use their bike as a mode of transport but don't want to change clothes once they leave or arrive at their destination. 

A Wrinkle-Free Bike Commute With The Henty Wingman

Henty Wingman Suit Bag

Do you stuff your nicely pressed suit or work clothes into a backpack when you head out on your bike commute only to show up at the office a wrinkled mess? Australian company Henty Designs has created a bike friendly roll up suit bag that can safely hold not only your work clothes, but all your essentials, ensuring you show up to the office looking like you were driven in a limo. 

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