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Black Diamond Focuses On Climbing For SS ’17


For Spring ’17, Black Diamond heads back to their roots with a full suite of new climbing gear. “Climbing is what we’re about and this spring’s collection is no exception,” said Eric Wynn, Black Diamond’s Director of Marketing. “Whether it’s new harnesses, helmets, cords, belay devices, packs, gym bags, climbing lifestyle or technical apparel, Black Diamond’s spring 2017 collection encompasses everything climbing and represents our continuing legacy of making premium equipment for all facets of the sport.”


Light And Strong Rope For Crag Or Multi-Pitch Sport Climbing

Mammut Infinity Climbing Rope

As our recent trip to Chamonix involved a diverse range of climbing, my friends and I had to bring a number of ropes to suit all the different types of routes we planned to tackle. I brought along the Mammut 9.5 Infinity climbing rope that we would use for crag climbing as well as paired together with a similar single rope for use on some multi-pitch rock climbs.


A Climbing Rope With Two Different Diameters?

Edelrid Snipe dual diameter climbing rope

Many interesting new climbing ropes are set to hit the market next spring. Edelrid's is probably one of the most unique, featuring a dual diameter in one rope, while Mammut's new rope will take the pressure off your eyes and help you feel your way when belaying. 


Beal Uni Core Enhances Climbing Rope Safety

Beal Uni Core

Beal has come up with a new climbing rope technology, called Uni Core, which binds the sheath of the rope to the core, enhancing safety in extreme conditions. By allowing the sheath and core to stay bonded together, sheath slippage is virtually eliminated in the event of a cut.

Millet Low Impact Triaxiale Eco-Friendly Climbing Rope

Millet Low Impact Triaxiale Eco Friendly Climbing Rope

French company Millet has been working hard to reduce their ecological footprint and make outdoor gear that is produced more sustainably. Last summer, Millet announced their partnership with Rhodia to recycle old climbing rope. Now, Millet has taken their popular Triaxiale climbing rope series and reduced energy consumption, packaging and used fewer chemicals during production of the new Low Impact Triaxiale. 

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