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Uvex Variotronic

Sunglasses Change Tint In Fraction of Second

Uvex Variotronic

Back in 2010, Uvex came out with the Variotronic ski goggles that change both color and transparency through the push of a button. At Eurobike last month, the company announced they are now bringing a version of the technology to sunglasses next spring. The Variotronic sunglasses adapt to the surrounding light conditions in a fraction of a second, either automatically or through the push of a button.

Uvex stimu lens

Snow Goggles That Stimulate Your Mood

Uvex stimu lens

Certain colors elicit certain moods and changing the shade can change how we feel and even affect our behavior or performance. Marketers most definitely understand this. In their new line of snow goggles, Uvex takes advantage of the effect different colors have on us by providing a variety of colored lenses to match every weather situation and mood.

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