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May 27, 2010


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J Mesa

How do I get the battery case open. New Illums arrived today, only one light works. Removed the light from shoe, turned the slotted back 1/4 turn with a coin, but it will not open. What is the secret?


Hey did anyone figure out the secret? Would really appreciate if someone would share it with me. How do you change the battery in the Illum Teva flip flops?

Sandy Decker

I have the Illum flip flop and need to replace a battery. Are these batteries easy to locate and replace? I did not get a replacement battery with mine. Battery size or number?


i need replacement lights for mine! where can i find it!? i need the whole thing...light, housing, and battery for left and right sandal help me!

Amy Jurries

Sandy- the batteries should be standard watch batteries.

Mike- have you tried emailing Teva? I sadly don't think they do replacements on the lights. You might just have to buy a new pair!


To change the battery, twist the plastic piece to the left and it will come off the shoe. Then, using a screwdriver, turn the plastic piece on the back until the arrow points to "open". It takes two CR1220 3v batteries for each shoe. Reassemble reversing the directions above.

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