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June 22, 2011


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Brian Richie

Great trip report. I was hoping to do s trip very much like this next June (like your original plan, I was hoping to take the Old Big Oak Flat Road from the valley to the rim). Exactly what trails were used throughout the trip?

Amy Jurries

Hi Brian,

You should definitely do the trip- it's amazing!!!! The trails aren't so well named on the map (https://snri.ucmerced.edu/snri/wawona/download/YOSEMITE%20map.pdf) but we did the Upper Yosemite Falls trail the first day. Then the second day I believe was the Lahamite Trail to the Snow Creek trail which brought us to the Promontory Camp. Then the last day we followed the Snow Creek trail down to the valley. The trails are well maintained and easy to follow but in June you may still have some snow cover so might have to do a bit of off road route finding like we did.

Hope you get to go!

Nate B

Two questions:
1)When did you do the trip? I'm headed to the north rim in one week and am wondering about snow levels.


Thanks for the report!
-Nate B.

Amy Jurries

Hi Nate,

I did the trip mid-June. So as we have had a month of hot weather since then, you should be ok. We had a few mosquitos but mostly at dusk- I wasn't bothered by them.

Hope you have a great trip!!


Nate B.

Thanks Amy! Good info!
One more question:

How were the water crossings? Technical?

I usually bring my hikers and flip flops, but am wondering if need some Tevas or other watershoes for crossings if they're deep.


Amy Jurries

Hi Nate- we had two major river crossings. One we were able to walk across a huge fallen log and the other was only up to mid-calf or knee probably. Many people did it barefoot- I had some light river crossing/camp shoes with me and used those. Check the Yosemite water level alerts- I think it should be lower now than when we went.

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