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August 01, 2011


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how waterproof are any of these jackets? Seems like only water resistant...

Amy Jurries

Hi Adam- definitely only water resistant. They will stand up to a light rain but I wouldn't imagine much more. They are mainly for wind protection and extra warmth in ultra or fast and light events.


I love the concept, but are they actually warm? I can't imagine something this thin providing any amount of protection. Though if they're made for endurance sports, folks who use them are likely in constant motion anyway...

Amy Jurries

They are going to block the wind which will definitely help keep you warm but yes- I think they are designed for people who are pretty much on the go almost all the time.

Lawson Kline

Interesting.. The weight is nice but I wonder how the long term durability is?


I purchased a TNF Verto jacket at the beginning of summer. The 7D fabric is suprisingly durable as well as sweat-inducing if you're exercising!

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