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August 12, 2011


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Isn't that like the coolest thing...Totally rocks

Amy Jurries

Sure is! I love multi-functional gear.


When can we start ordering? Thanks!

Amy Jurries

Hi Ajay- Snow Peak should have it up on their website as well as at other retailers like REI by the first part of October at the latest.

Account Deleted

Well more unique looks !!! Nice idea from one functional light to multitask lights well I like it Why? its energy efficient lights that's why!!! thanks for sharing!!!

led string lights


Mammut has had this in their line for 2 years FYI...TR1 Ambient Light set, available now at REI etc....

triathlon gear

For $50.00, it is a good deal. Triathlon and runners will find this LED Headlamp very useful. I heard it consumes less power.

Jason @ Progress Lighting

That was a cool headlamp. Nice design. Feels like an alien for this. Sure it consumes less energy. That's the power of LED.

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