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August 03, 2011


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Has to be Devlin's backcountry boiler, but then that's the only one I have had experience of. Great piece of kit, thoroughly recommended.

Alex Woods

For my money, the Bushbuddy is the best woodburning "real" stove, meaning you can actually cook food on it. It is an amazing piece of equipment. The secondary combustion means there is very little soot and you can cook with almost no wood.

I have a Backcountry Boiler on order too. It looks simple and easy to use, and I'm really excited about taking it out.

bob jammer

If you really want an UL wood burner, you need to check out the FireFly at QiWiz.net. Makes the others seem a lot heavier by contrast.

Jack Warren

The topic I chose with Bing seremed more complete in its coverage than did Google

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