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November 26, 2011


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Tom Prager

Amtrak OC >< Japan) … I could use several pairs of these P^Cubeds now that I think of it!

Tom Prager

Amtrak OC >< Japan) … I could use several pairs of these P^Cubeds now that I think of it!

Henrik Van Ryzin

I'd make these my go-to adventure pants. Planned adventures for next year: New England, Kauai camping, and Old (and original!) England.


I'd use them for travel. They sound perfect for that.


These look great for early and late season hiking around Montana's Bitterroot Valley which is exactly what I would be doing in them.

Joe Spaniol, "Snagz"

I would use the P^Cubed pants up in the Minnessota Boundary Waters (BWCA)! Looks like they could carry everything you'd need for a day trip :)

Steve Weileman

I certainly could use a pair on my upcoming trip to Alaska.

Darcy Rusel

These well-designed and functional pants would be used for work, adventure and quick get-aways! Where wouldn't you use them...?


These would be perfect for the Everest base camp trip.
It would hold all my papers, camera, day snacks and water bottle daily, for the 3 week trek.

Justin Banz

These would be great for my upcoming trip to Australia! Of course I'd use them on every trip, Hawaii jungle, Europe backpacking, Indo, the list goes on!

Steven Maul

These would be a must for the bus ride up to Medora ND and the 1120 mile hike back home that I have planned for late summer 2012! I could fill up the pockets with the small stuff that normally works its way down to the bottom of my pack. Ha Ha sunscreen! You thought that you could hide way down in there!


These pants are a photographers dream! No need for a backpack for short shoots!


I would like to go backpacking to SouthAmerica in these pants.

Luke Boydston

I would wear these on my trip to Yosemite!!! They look like they'd hold up with what I'd put them through!!!!


I would love to visit my sister and her family in South America! I love how functional they are and how they are versatile for adventures in the jungle to shopping at the market.

Jenny Haas

A great fitting, comfortable pair of pants - like these P^Cubeds is just what Santa should leave under my tree.


They would go in a box and under the christmas tree .. for my hubby

and he would wear them to work ..


Tim @ Appalachia & Beyond

I'd wear these on all sorts of trails here in East Tennessee.

Amy Jurries

Thanks for all the great entries everyone! Since you are all awesome and to be fair, we used a random number generator to pick the winner. And the winner is...... STEVE WELLEMAN! Congrats Steve! Drop me an email with your address and preferred sizing, and we will get your P^Cubed Pants sent out to you right away.

Thanks again everyone!

Steve Weileman

This is awesome. Thanks guys, much appreciated!

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