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September 01, 2012


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also helps to throw your synthetics into the freezer to kill the bacteria as well...and nice and cooling too ;)

Amy Jurries

I haven't tried the freezer route yet- thanks for the tip!

Ian Thwaites

You didn't say whether your "regular wash" is a hot water wash or a cold water wash.
I find that cotton towels, if only passed through a cold water wash, develop an offensive odour the first time they are reused; presumably water reactivates the bacteria. I now wash towels and pillow cases in hot water which eliminates the odour.

Veijo Jones

The salt soak method worked great!!

Amy Jurries

Thanks for letting us know Veijo- so glad it worked for you as well!


Thanks for the tip...will be testing the salt method tonight! It is refreshing to be able to use something already in the pantry and not have to purchase an expensive additional product. Thanks for testing!!!K


Thanks for all of the good ideas. I recently bought some used capilene shirts on eBay. I assumed they were the newer variety with the built-in odor guard. They seemed fine out of the package, but I washed them right away and then the odor became noticeable. I'm not keeping them for that reason (I'll stick with newer products that don't smell). But I wanted to get rid of the smell before giving them away. I washed them multiple times, putting detergent on the offending spots, and also trying the vinegar treatment. But the smell remained. Then I tried spraying some Lysol under the arms and that seemed to do the trick.

O. Hershman

For years I was battling with the horrible odour coming from my kid's Hokey Gear and running shoes.
I tried using Fabreze, and other clothing and air fresheners, but it only masked the smell.
A few months ago, my friend who had the same problem with her kids and husband's sporting gear introduced me to a very effective product called Stink -Off.
Apparently, it is an environmental friendly product, It works incredibly well, safe to use all the equipment and smells great. The only thing is that you can only purchase it on-line.
www.stink-off.com I highly recommend it!

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