Polyvore Enables Your Consumers To Advertise For You

Polyvore Nike

California Internet start-up Polyvore can be considered a user generated fashion magazine with user generated ads. Four million unique visitors last month logged on to play fashion editor and create collages featuring pictures of clothes, accessories and models from across the web.

When Polyvore users surf the web, they use a tool called the Clipper to select images and save them to Polyvore where any visitor can then use them in a collage. To create a collage, users simply drag and drop images then manipulate them how they want. Polyvore also offers various fonts for text and audio clips from Amazon.  Readers view the collages or "sets" as they are called and if they click on an item, they are immediately taken to the website that sells it. The site also enables users to embed the collages in external websites, further extending the ad campaigns. 

Polyvore runs normal internet ads from Brands on the site but also earns a commission when users click on or purchase clothes from certain e-commerce sites. The Company is also forging relationships with apparel manufacturers to upload product catalogues to their site for users to utilize in their collages. 

So what does this have to do with the sports industry you ask? Consider the new Nike campaign for women's training gear. Nike has asked users to create collages, showcasing Nike Women gear, on how they incorporate sports in their lives. The best designs will win up to $750 in Nike Women gift cards.     Nike has already received hundreds of entries after only a few days.

The technology behind Polyvore can also be licensed by companies to liven up their own e-commerce sites. I think the whole concept is a fantastic way to better connect with your consumers and ultimately drive traffic to your online sales outlets. 
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