Garmin Edge 800 Touchscreen Cycling Computer

Garmin Edge 800 touchscreen cycling computer

At Eurobike this week, Garmin will be unveiling their new Edge 800 cycling computer. With the addition of a touchscreen color display and improvement in the route planning software, the new Edge 800 will be the go to cycling computer for both road and mountain bike riders.

Building on the other GPS devices in the Edge family, Garmin designed the Edge 800 to be lightweight and sleek, similar to the Edge 500, but slightly bigger with the addition of a larger 2.6" touchscreen color display. The Edge 800 will accurately track your speed, distance, time and elevation through the GPS connection.

The cycling computer will also connect to your ANT+ power meters, heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensors for even more information gathering capacity. To give you precise climb and descent data, the Edge 800 uses a barometric altimeter to pinpoint your changes in elevation.

The Garmin Edge 800 will display temperature readings, change time zones automatically when you travel, last up to 15 hours on one charge, and will even alert you if you are riding and forget to start your trip timer.

For all you single track junkies, the various mapping options will make this cycling computer perfect for your backcountry navigational needs. Using topographic map DVDs or microSD cards, you can upload detailed terrain data to your Edge 800. You can also subscribe to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery and transfer high-res satellite images to the device, which will be integrated into your onscreen maps.

Garmin will sell the Edge 800 in a standalone version for $499.99 as well as in a bundle with wireless speed and cadence sensor, City Navigator microSD card, and the premium heart rate monitor strap for $649.99.

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