Bike Lock Belt

Hiplock Bike Lock Belt

One of the annoying side effects of using a U-Lock is that you either have to wear a backpack during your ride or hook the U-Lock on your bike, risking damage. UK company Hiplok is hoping to offer you a better option, better than even a normal chain lock, with a bike lock designed specifically to be worn as a belt. 

The Hiplok is constructed out of a hardened steel chain with Sold Secure accreditation. The strap at the end of the chain slides through the combination buckle padlock piece, securing around your waist much the same as a normal belt or airplane seat belt would. To lock up your bike, simply put the key into the padlock portion, grab the last chain link on the belt, and lock it into the padlock loop. 

Hiplok bike lock

When riding, the bike lock weight now sits directly on your hips rather than your back and shoulders, making you more comfortable and stable. The large 3M reflective Hiplok logo helps with visibility in low light conditions.

Unlike normal chain locks that have to be actually locked to wrap around your body, the Hiplok is never locked when worn and remains instantly removable at all times for added safety. The Hiplok is fully adjustable so one size will fit every rider. 

The Hiplok comes in 5 different colors and retails for £70. You can order your Hiplok bike lock from the company website where they will ship to both Europe and North America. 


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