Warmest Socks On The Planet?

Heat Holders Thermal Socks

With the tagline “No More Cold Feet”, UK milliners Drew Brady have created Heat Holders Thermal Socks, possibly the warmest socks on the planet. Drew Brady are the same people who have designed socks for Pringle, Jeep, Jeff Banks, Glenmuir and Kickers, amongst others, and have decades worth of experience in textiles.

I was given a pair of Heat Holders Thermal Socks at the Outdoor Retailer Summer show. The timing was perfect as we were in the heart of our Southern Hemisphere winter. As my wife’s feet often get cold, I passed them on to her for testing. Her first comment was how soft they were. “Like wearing little clouds”. It took her only slightly longer to agree they were possibly the warmest socks she’s ever tried – and that’s in comparison to Sheepskin Ugg-style boots and slippers that are common here in Australia.

Heat Holders Thermal Socks are 91% acrylic, blended with 5% nylon, 3% polyester and 1% elastane, and have a specially designed extra long looped thermal pile. The innovative yarn and knitting technology insulates by locking in warm air, holding it close to the skin. The inner part of the sock is brushed to add softness and comfort.

Using British Standard 4745, Heat Holders Thermal Socks register over 2.3 Tog (Thermal Overall Grade), approximately 7 times greater than a typical cotton sock. Essentially, the fabric used in Heat Holders Thermal Socks has a high enough thermal resistance to keep the warmth around your foot from escaping through the material.

Bottom Line: The best part about Heat Holders Thermal Socks is they are warm. Incredibly warm! If your feet get cold easily, these socks are worth trying. They can also be purchased with an anti-slip gripper sole.

On the downside, they will pill slightly and the brushed interior of the sock compresses around the ball of the foot and the heel after repeated wear. While they are great for wearing around the house or in your tent at night, they are very thick, making it difficult to fit into tighter fitting shoes and hiking boots, though the socks fit into a ski boot fairly easily.

Heat Holders Thermal Socks currently retail in the US for as low as $15 on Amazon. They are also available from the SockShop in the UK for as low as £7, with shipping possible to most of the world. Heat Holders has also extended their range to include thermal underwear, leggings, tights, hats, and gloves.

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