Pearl Izumi Rethinks The Running Shoe

Pearl Izumi E-Motion TRAIL N 1

For 2013, Pearl Izumi decided to throw out their entire running shoe line and start over from the beginning. With a focus on simple is better, PI left behind the air bags, molded waves, and gels, instead turning to simple high-quality foam to create a completely new midsole for a more fluid running experience.

As you run, your foot and leg are in perpetual motion, with the distance between the ground and each part of your foot continually changing. To support this fluid foot position, the heart of the new Pearl Izumi Project E:Motion running shoe is a dynamic offset midsole. Instead of a fixed heel to toe drop, the midsole height differential is continually changing as your foot moves throughout your stride.

This flexible, dynamic offset midsole makes for a smoother and quicker transitioning shoe instead of clunking from your heel through to toe push off with a traditional rigid, flat-bottomed running shoe. The heel to toe differential can be 1mm when you are fully loading your foot, 6 mm when you are transitioning forward, then a full 45 mm when you are ready for toe push off.

The 9 different models of Project E:Motion running shoes include road, trail, and triathlon versions for both men and women. A bit confusing unless you know exactly what you need, the running shoes also segment further into level of cushioning (N1-race, N2-training) and stability (M 2/3-midfoot pronation control, H3-rear foot pronation control).

All the new Pearl Izumi running shoes weigh less than 10 oz. and are constructed with a seamless upper that creates a comfortable, glove-like fit. The triathlon version uses a quick lace system for easy on and off during races. The trail shoes add a forefoot rock plate to protect your foot against stone bruising and rock
push-through, with an aggressive, multi-directional carbon rubber outsole for extra traction and abrasion resistance.

All the running shoes in the Pearl Izumi Project E:Motion collection will be available February 2013, and retail for $115-$130.

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