The Most Comfortable Backcountry Sleeping System


Zenbivy is not your average sleeping bag. With the goal of creating a endlessly versatile system that recreates how you sleep in your bed at home, the Zenbivy team integrated some unique features that convert the system from a portable blanket into a mummy bag or almost anything in between.

The Zenbivy sleeping system includes a sleeping bag/quilt and a fitted sheet that slides over your sleeping pad or air mattress. The hood of the sleeping bag along with two insulated wings are incorporated directly into the fitted sheet instead of into the bag itself.

Zippers on both the left and right of the sleeping bag connect to the wings or hinges, enabling you to hunker down tight when it is cold outside or to fully open the top of the bag to create more of a quilt — the hinges play a part here in keeping the draft from coming in under the quilt.

The footbox of the sleeping bag also unzips fully so that on warmer days, you can open it completely and use the bag simply as a blanket or even unzip just one side to let one foot hang out in the cool air. The Zenbivy Pillow accessory fits perfectly inside the hood and is made up of a machine washable padded pillow case covering an inflatable bladder.

The sleeping bag is stuffed with 700-fill power water-resistant down with a PFC-free DWR treated polyester shell. Depending on size (it comes in three sizes), the whole system weighs around 2.5 – 3 pounds.

The Zenbivy sleeping system comes in two colors – brown or green — and is currently going for a pre-order price of $249 over on Kickstarter. If you also want the pillow, the price is $279. Expected delivery is in January 2018.

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