Rapanui Green Clothing With Product Traceability

Rapanui green clothing 

Rapanui is a youthful, edgy, green clothing brand that is all about informing consumers of where their products come from. The company would like to promote eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable consumerism through informed choice. After only recently launching the online product traceability site, Rapanui has already been contacted by ISPO commending them on their efforts.  

SKHOOP Insulated Skirts

Skhoop Insulated Skirt 

One of my favorite companies from the Scandinavian Village at Outdoor Retailer had to be SKHOOP. Based in Åre, a village in the mountains of Sweden, SKHOOP has created a collection of insulated skirts, stuffed with either down or synthetic fill, that quickly zip on and off.  

Ethical Fashion From Naturally Bamboo


Naturally Bamboo is a company that specializes in natural bamboo fiber based ethical apparel. In 2007, April Femrite decided to create a clothing company that was both environmentally friendly and socially responsible. The Company's mission is to produce clothing that is made from USA based fair labor manufacturers and to operate with the lowest impact on the environment.

On: New Running Shoe Outsole Technology

On Cushioning Running Shoe

The debate continues on what type of footwear, if any, is good for your feet and body while running. Some experts agree that wearing conventional running shoes tends to weaken the small muscles in your feet to the point where the tendons, ligaments and natural arches stop doing their job. New Swiss running shoe company On is hoping their innovative outsole technology can in fact help strengthen the small muscles in the foot, resulting in a gentle, injury free running experience.

Monkee Clothing Sustainable Climbing Apparel

Monkee Clothing Sunstainable Climbing Apparel

Winner of the ISPO Brand New Award in the Eco/Fair Trade category, Monkee Clothing has created a line of sustainable climbing apparel. The new brand stands for not only authenticity and passion in climbing but creating clothing with a low impact on the environment. The Monkee motto is "know what you wear and where it comes from". 

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