Personal Hygiene

How To Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter

Strong Skin Healing Balm

Winter weather usually means contanstly exposing your skin to harsh conditions- low humidity, cold and wind when you head outside, then blasted with hot dry air when you come back inside. These extremes can do a number on your skin, leaving your hands and face chapped and irritated. Sports such as climbing, cycling, running, and hiking can also cause skin irritation and chafing if not prevented.

How To Clean Your Water Bottles And Hydration Reservoirs

Clean Ethics Bottle Bright

Vermont based Clean Ethics set out to change the way you sanitize your hard to clean drinking vessels by creating Bottle Bright, a uniquely formulated non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner option. Recognizing that dirty water containers are a much bigger problem beyond the outdoor set, Clean Ethics donates an equal amount of Bottle Bright for every one of your purchases to people in developing nations. 

Keep Your Feet Funk Free This Summer


As the weather gets warmer, your choice of shoes for outdoor activities is likely to get more minimalist, increasing your chance for the dreaded foot funk. The new Rank Away Odor Eliminator from Gear Aid promise to keep your climbing shoes, Vibram Five Fingers, water shoes, sandals, approach shoes, and even hiking shoes funk free for the summer. 

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