Ultimate Ski Sock Test

By Don Jurries

Falke SK2 Ski Socks

After finishing a season of testing ski equipment and ski apparel, it struck me just how sophisticated ski socks have become. In the old days, we used to simply throw on a pair of thick wool socks and head off into the snow. With changes in ski boot design and an increase in types of fabrics available, ski socks have evolved dramatically.

Wool Insulation Keeps You Warm On Wet Cold Days

Ice climbing Grotto Falls

While next-to-skin Merino wool garments are quite common, many outdoor brands have started to use wool throughout all the apparel layers including base, mid, and outer. Smartwool recently sent me a couple of their new mid and outer layer jackets that use wool filling in place of the standard synthetic or down insulation.

Yes, You Can Wear Merino Wool Down There

By Don Jurries

Icebreaker Anatomica Boxers

Part of the "Beast” Premium Underwear range, a pair of Icebreaker Merino Wool Anatomica Boxers, given to me at a trade show last year, has sat in my cupboard for over 6 months, unused… until now. I love Merino wool. I keep coming back to wool layers for winter activities. But, I’m sure like many, I have a hard time getting past the thought that Merino wool equals exceptional warmth, not something you particularly want in your nether regions, and is therefore best used in colder weather. 

Sweat To Stay Warm In The Cold

By Don Jurries

Mizuno Breath Thermo

Japanese brand Mizuno recently began to globally promote their Breath Thermo fiber in a variety of apparel products, including baselayers, arm warmers, socks, leggings and gloves. It’s been a long-time coming for what appears to be an incredibly effective concept for heat-generation in clothing. The Mizuno brand has always meant athletic shoes to me, being my turf shoe of choice for years. Given a mid-weight baselayer featuring the Breath Thermo fiber at ISPO, I am now a huge fan of their apparel line as well.

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