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Hanesbrands Refinances To Make Way For Acquisitions

Hanesbrands Refinances For Acquisitions

Apparel company Hanesbrands announced on Thursday that they have completed a debt refinancing that will give the Company more financial flexibility to make acquisitions. Earlier this month, Hanesbrands made a public $500 million notes offering and secured a $1.15 billion credit facility in order to pay down its debt.  The Company's goal is to reduce debt by $300 million in 2009 and 2010, cutting interest expense by $20 million to $25 million in 2010 and 2011. 

HEADIS Ping Pong With Your Head

Headis Ping Pong With Your Head

German start-up HEADIS (an amalgam of header tennis) is trying to introduce a fun new sport to the world that incorporates elements of soccer, table tennis and tennis – basically ping pong with your head.  Using a special ball, you are allowed to touch the table with every part of your body during play but only allowed to touch the ball with your head. 

LeftLane Sports For Discount Sporting Goods

LeftLane Sports discount sporting goods

California company LeftLane Sports is the latest private member site where you can find great deals on discount sporting goods. Featuring premium gear such as
Patagonia Footwear
, Wenger Knives
and Reebok Apparel, you will find sale events of up to 70% off once you sign up to enter the site. LeftLane Sports promises to provide members with not only great discount sporting goods but also information you require to compete and grow as an athlete. 

Moji Revolutionary Line Of Cold Compression Products

Moji Cold Compression products

Chicago based start-up Moji, has introduced a revolutionary new line of cold compression products. Competitive athlete Victor Viner founded Moji in 2007 with the single goal of helping active people stay active. In his late 40s, Victor found that he got injured more frequently and always had minor aches and pains. After trying virtually every cold compression product on the market and not getting results, he set out to find a better way. 

Epic Wide Angle Action Video Camera

Epic Wide Angle Helmet Video Camera

Action video camera company Epic has launched a new, wide angle version of their popular helmet video camera. Weighing just 2.5 ounces and measuring only 3 inches long, the new wide angle action video camera can be easily mounted to your helmet, board, handlebars and even kayak. 

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