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A Wrinkle-Free Bike Commute With The Henty Wingman

Henty Wingman Suit Bag

Do you stuff your nicely pressed suit or work clothes into a backpack when you head out on your bike commute only to show up at the office a wrinkled mess? Australian company Henty Designs has created a bike friendly roll up suit bag that can safely hold not only your work clothes, but all your essentials, ensuring you show up to the office looking like you were driven in a limo. 

Fully Recyclable Bike Helmet

Abus Kranium Ecolution bike helmet

Simply a student engineering project last summer, the Kranium cardboard helmet has now made it into full commercial production. Picked up by German company Abus, the Kranium Ecolution is a fully recyclable bike helmet for daily use when riding around town. 

If Fred Flintstone Rode A Bike

FLIZ concept bike

You may have thought it almost impossible to reinvent the bike but German designers Tom Hambrock and Juri Spetter have done just that. Stripping away almost everything but the wheels, brakes, and handlebars, the Fliz concept bike uses good old feet on the ground powered energy, Fred Flinstone style. 

One Piece Rain Suit For Your Bike Commute

Bikesuit one piece rain suit

Those of you that live in the Pacific Northwest or someplace like The Netherlands know what it is like to bike commute during the never ending days of rain. To ease your woes and keep you out on your bike, The Smart Products Company has created a one piece suit that completely protects you from the elements from head to toe.

Turn Your Everyday Clothes Into Cycling Shorts

Rohan Bumper Liner

UK company Rohan recently released a line of technical cycling apparel, including a chamois insert to add some extra padding to your everyday clothes. For those times when you aren't out for a full-on ride, the Bumper Liner will add a bit of comfort to your bike commute or cruise to the coffee shop. 

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