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Run Gum

Get Your Caffeine Kick From A Stick Of Run Gum

Run Gum

Want a quick caffeine hit before your workout but don’t want to be loaded down with liquids (or have to take a mid-ride bathroom break)? Skip the coffee and grab a stick of gum instead. Run Gum packs caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins into a chewing gum that is specifically designed for athletes.

Clean Energy Caffeine Patch Keeps You Buzzing Along

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Espresso, Red Bull, Monster Energy – there are many different ways to get your daily caffeine fix. We all know that caffeine can positively affect athletic performance but what if you don't want all the sugar and exorbitantly high caffeine levels associated with some energy drinks? Meet Clean Energy- a slow release caffeine patch that will keep you buzzing along through your entire workout. 

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