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Honey Stinger Snack Bar

Some New Food For The Trail

Honey Stinger Snack Bar

Summer is coming which means backpacking season is almost here–we can taste it, literally. Whether it’s snacks for the trail or meals after you set up camp, here are a few new items to get you salivating for the warmer months ahead.

CLIF Bar Pecan Pie Seasonal Energy Bar

Clif Bar Pecan PieClif Bar Pumpkin PieClif Bar Iced Gingerbread

Just as the appearance of the Pumpkin Spice Latte on the Starbucks menu board signals the arrival of autumn, the sudden availability of seasonal energy bar and energy gel flavors indicates that we are not long from the beginning of the snow sports season. Now in its 11th year, Clif adds a new flavor to their seasonal lineup – Pecan Pie.

Limited Edition Gary’s Panforte Clif Bars

CLIF BAR Gary's Panforte

Panforte is a traditional and hearty Italian dessert made of fruits and nuts with a spicy flavor. A favorite at Christmastime, a variety of panforte types can be found year round, especially in Siena, the panforte capital of Italy. The Italians usually serve a small wedge along with coffee or dessert wine after a meal.

New And Seasonal Eats For Fall

Clif Peppermint Stick energy bar

As you have probably eaten over 100 energy bars and gels this summer, it would be nice to have some new flavors to change things up for the fall and winter season. Below is a list of some new and seasonal flavors from GU, Honey Stinger, and Probar to add some variety to your cold weather outdoor adventures. 

Grab A Clif Bar And A Pouch Of Wine

Clif Winery Climber Pouch

The owners of Clif Bar & Company, Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford, also own their own vineyard and farm up in Napa Valley, the Clif Family Winery & Farm. The duo have recently opened the doors to a new tasting room called Velo Vino Napa Valley in St. Helena, where you can grab some Clif Bars and enjoy some of the Clif Family wine.  

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