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gecko gloves

Gecko Gloves Enable You To Scale Vertical Walls

gecko gloves

Five Ten’s Mi6 sticky rubber may have gotten Tom Cruise up the side of a glass building in Mission Impossible, but now a group of students at Stanford University created something even stickier. Mimicking the natural properties of gecko feet, the new synthetic adhesive enables robots and even humans to climb vertical surfaces with ease.

Fall ’14 Black Diamond Apparel Collection

Black Diamond Front Point Shell

I am currently at Snowbird, Utah with Black Diamond and partner GORE to check out the entire new Fall '14 collection for the company. Saturday night, Director of Apparel Tim Bantle walked us through the extensive apparel line (124 styles in all). Treated as tools to help you succeed outdoors rather than just another pile of clothes, Black Diamond hopes to disrupt the outdoor apparel market with well designed gear built with core users in mind. Major themes for Fall '14 center around hardshells, down, and women's technical apparel, with some interesting new design technology thrown in the mix.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide For Climbers

Climber Gift Ideas

This holiday season, I have decided to do something a little different for the gear gift guides using Pinterest. While still choosing ten of my favorite items for each category, I want to open up the boards to all of you. The result should be a dynamic and collaborative wish list of all the gear you really want this season – a fantastic resource for ideas on what to buy that outdoor person on your list or for anyone looking to buy for you. 

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