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Fly Pedal V2

Fly Pedals V2: Universal Clipless Pedal Adapters

Fly Pedal V2

Do you have a one bike quiver where you like to ride clipless on your commute or for training but not so much when heading to the store or pub to meet friends? Regularly changing pedals is not exactly convenient and wearing clipless shoes all the time is a pain. Enter Fly Pedals–universal flat pedals that quickly convert your clipless pedals into platforms.

3ax clipless pedals

3ax Clipless Pedals Let Your Feet Tilt Sideways

3ax clipless pedals

Your knees and your feet do not move symmetrically through your gait, so why should they be forced to on the bike? Believing your pedals should adapt to your body and not the other way around, 3ax is the world’s first clipless pedal that gives your feet the freedom to tilt sideways, delivering a more natural pedal stroke and better leg alignment.

Infinity Pedals: Clipless Pedals With 360 Degree Entry

Infinity Pedals clipless pedals with 360 degree entry

Ogden resident and avid mountain biker Sam Hunter was fed up with missing his pedals while riding in the hills near his home. His mountain bike pedals never seemed to be in the proper orientation when he went to clip in.  A manufacturing engineer with a degree from Weber State University, Sam decided he could fix the problem himself. Sam created the Infinity Pedals prototype, clipless pedals that allow for a 360 degree entry point. Now you no longer have to struggle with your clipless pedals as you take off from that stoplight or ride into the hills. 

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