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Coleman Hot Tub

Portable Hot Tub That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Coleman Hot Tub

I’ve always envied people who own hot tubs. There are the obvious reasons—warm water relieves aches and pains after epic days in the backcountry, and soaking with friends and family is a companionable way to pass time (even the most avid texters/selfie takers soon tire of holding their phones above water). But there’s also that iconic mental image I have of lounging in a bubbly outdoor spa, surrounded by 104 degree F water, a cold après ski beer in hand, and the sky turning scarlet and burnt orange as the sun drops below the horizon.

Outdoor Brands To Move Away From Down?


Almost three years ago now, Patagonia was called out by the animal welfare organization Four Paws for using down obtained from the live plucking of geese. This "scandal" has since propelled the entire outdoor industry to move towards a more ethical and traceable down supply. For some brands however, this is not enough. Coleman recently announced they are completely dropping down from their product line as they see no way to ethically procure the raw material. 

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