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Pain-Free Trail Running Essentials

Trail-running essentials

Trail running- a great way to quickly get into shape but it can also be hard on your body. Over the past few months, I set out on a pain-free trail running quest and found some gear to help guide the way. Hopefully this list helps any of you suffering the same ailments and I would love to hear what works to keep you pain-free as well.

Opedix Knee-Tec Tights Review


During college soccer days, I blew out my knee in a game and have since undergone quite a few surgeries. The wear and tear of years of sports and outdoor adventures is catching up to me, and degenerative arthritis is slowly creeping in. Over the past few years, I had all but given up high impact sports, such as road running and even skiing, so was happy to hear about Opedix, a form of compression tights that act almost like a knee brace to help keep you going.  

Do Your Legs A Favor After A Big Day Out

Skins RY400 Compression Tights

A quick look through the various research findings on PubMed shows that the scientific community is still undecided on whether or not compression wear improves your athletic performance, with vague, yet more favorable attitudes towards recovery. With this lack of obvious scientific proof regarding the benefits of wearing compression clothing, it comes down to what each of us personally experience. 

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