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IKEA Sladda

IKEA SLADDA – A Flat Pack Chainless Bike

IKEA Sladda

Next time you head to IKEA for that meatball fix while you grab a NORDLI chest of drawers, you will be able to pick up a bike at the same time. Looking to completely change the urban bike market, IKEA created the multi-gender, customizable, easy for the whole family to use SLADDA bike. And yes, it comes flat pack.

Brilliant Bicycle

Another Affordable Urban Bike Company

Brilliant Bicycle

Just when you think there are plenty of sub-$300 bike suppliers these days, a new player enters the market. With $1.5 in funding to boot. Brilliant Bicycle Co., founded by a group of ex-VCs who left their firm to start the company, is now open for online business.

Bring Back The Bike Skids

Retrospec Siddhartha cruiser bikes

Remember your first bike as a kid? Along with the banana seat and handlebar streamers, you most likely had coaster brakes, coming to a stop by pedaling backwards and possibly throwing in a sideways skid for good measure. Well now you can relive your glory days with the new beach cruiser from Retrospec.

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