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Apps Tell You What To Wear Cycling And Running

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Ever gone out on a ride or run wishing you had worn more or even less clothing? Two new iPhone apps are looking to take the guess work out of getting dressed before you head outdoors. Using local weather forecasts matched with your personal preferences, these apps tell you exactly what to pull out of the closet in the morning, without ever having to look out the window.

Add Some Je Ne Sais Quoi To Your Daily Ride

Cafe Du Cycliste cycling apparel

Amongst the countless beautiful rides along the French Riviera, a new cycling apparel brand has joined the peloton. Called Café du Cycliste, what started out as a simple cycling café and a passion for the history of the sport, has evolved into an elegant looking cycling apparel brand that will add some french chic to your daily ride. 

Twin Six Fashionable Cycling Apparel

Twin Six Cycling Apparel

For those of you who are tired of the corporate logo explosions and pro team replicas, Twin Six's classic and timeless cycling jerseys may be just what you need. The company behind Fat Cyclist's team wear, Twin Six has started a graphic revolution in cycling apparel. 

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