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Pinellas Trail

Cycling in the Tampa Bay Area

Pinellas Trail

Yes, it’s flat as a pancake and heads straight for hours. And yes, the headwinds can be brutal. But take hundreds of miles of purpose-built bike paths snaking their way through the entire Tampa Bay Area, throw in a rapidly growing craft beer scene, and you have my favorite place for winter cycling.

Cycling Bogota

Powered by Panela — Cycling in Colombia

cycling bogota

Motorcycles. Cars. Trucks. Buses. People. Horses. Dogs. Chickens. Cyclists. Rollerbladers. Potholes. Speed bumps. Blind corners. Debris. Never ending ascents and descents. Fog. Sun. Rain. Exhaust. Mix these all together with a healthy a dose of high altitude hypoxia and you have cycling in Bogota. It’s fantastic.

close call database

Close Call Database Records Road Rage Incidents

close call database

Fed up with the amount of car on bike road rage in and around Boulder, CO, cyclist Ernest Ezis decided to take matters into his own hands. He created the Close Call Database, where cyclists anywhere can log their aggressive incidents with cars. The hope is that serial road rage offenders can be identified and brought to the attention of local police, who may encourage the drivers to change their behavior before a real tragedy occurs.

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