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Vintage Electric Bikes


One of my favorite bike brands at Interbike was Vintage Electric — think American Chopper meets e-bikes. Based in Northern California, designer Andrew Davidge and his team custom make all their bikes, including the electric motor, working out of a huge warehouse space in Santa Cruz.

Faraday Cortland

Faraday Cortland Electric Cruiser Bike

Faraday Cortland

Electric bike company Faraday is back with a follow-up to their stylish Porteur–this time with a step-through style called the Cortland. Adding some performance enhancements to the sleek ebike technology that propels the original, Faraday hopes to attract more women with the new style. Though I am sure guys will love the electric cruiser bike, too.

Storm Electric Bike

The Multi-Million Dollar Affordable eBike

Storm Electric Bike

Only a few days in to its Indiegogo campaign, the Storm Electric Bike has already raised over $2 million, smashing the initial paltry goal of $75,000. So why is this electric bike so special? The price for one–the Storm costs just $499 for a limited time, moving up to $599 on the 6th of February and eventually retailing for $1299. In other words, get it while its hot.

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