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Mallory’s Everest Ice Axe Goes Up For Auction


George Mallory made a couple of attempts on Everest (1921, 1922) before that fateful day in 1924 when he disappeared along with Sandy Irvine. On display at the National Mountaineering Exhibition in Rheged until 2004, the ice axe Mallory used during the 1922 expedition is now up for auction at Christie's. Expected to fetch a price of between $11,000-$13,000, this amazing piece of mountaineering history will go to the highest bidder on April 10th.  

Five Inspirational Climbing Books


Over the past year, quite a few great new climbing related books were released. Many of you probably found one of these under the tree this Christmas. But for those of you who Santa forgot, and those who need a little adventure inspiration for 2014, take a look at the following five books.

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