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New Freeride Boots For Fall 2013

Scarpa Freedom

Freeride is one of the fastest growing segments in the snowsports industry. Using the latest advancements in technology, ski brands have been able to create freeride boots that rival the downhill performance of top alpine boots yet don't have to feel like an AT boot just because of the walk mode. For Fall 2013, the following new freeride boots will enable you to chase powder on any part of the mountain, anytime, and in any binding.

Blizzard Turns Your Skis Upside Down

Blizzard Cochise

For Blizzard's 2012 Free Mountain Line, the company decided to completely turn ski construction on its head. The new Flip Core Technology creates a natural spring in the skis, delivering a smooth ride and easy float through powder. 

Downhill Performance In The Backcountry

Garmont PowerFrame Freeride

Backcountry ski boots have vastly improved over the past few years. No longer do you have to settle for soft, less aggressive AT boots on the downhill or endure the pain of skinning up in stiff, bruise inducing alpine boots. Garmont's latest freeride boots deliver the downhill performance you expect together with flexibility and comfort.

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